If you know me at all you know my outlook on life: 
There's a big wide world out there to explore and I want to see it, feel it, climb it, taste it, learn it and most of all...share it!

As of now, traveling is a bit more, well, heavy on the baggage side.
Once bragging that I could travel the world for months with just a backpack...
The baby and toddler necessities push the fifty pound weight limit on my bags!

I'm dreaming of a long trip to Argentina to ride a criollos.
More on this soon!

In a nutshell here's my travel big hits:
#1 Rafting the Grand Canyon (2008)
            Yep... Me and my best 7 friends navigated 225 miles of the most beautiful wilderness the world has to offer. It was an epic 28 day adventure (read: no shower! Gasp!)  that I will never forget!

Of course there's the famous surfing of Lava Falls....

#2 Turkey: It's just not for dinner  (1998)
            Turkey is by far my favorite country I've visited. I traveled to Istanbul with my family with Wildland Adventures for over three weeks! We did a counter-clockwise tour most of the country. Of course I embraced the scenery and wildlife, but even more memorable are the endearing are the people, amazing eats, and rich history. My favorite places were Cappadocia, Ankara and the entire Mediterranean coast!

#3 Japan (2011)
        An amazing culture. I fell instantly in love with the people, the history and of course, the cuisine! 

#4 Belize - You beter belize it! (2010)

#5 Czech Republic: Goulash anyone? (2007)
        In 2007 I was a trip leader with Backroads in Central Europe, based out of the World Heritage town of Cesky Krumlov. It was a pleasure to not only to live in a house built before my hometown was even dreamt of in Colorado, but I loved the food (heart heavy as it is), the people (ever been serenaded on a drawbridge entering a castle??) and the amazing cycling!! 

#6 Colorado (30+ years) 
        You have to admit, it would be a bit strange if I didn't have my home state as a favorite. Among the amazing places in Colorado, Gunnison and Crested Butte are hidden gems in the Rockies. A few summers ago, I took a week to escape with my adventure idol, Jan Runge. We packed in to the wilderness with our horses Leroy and Bud to enjoy the wildflowers in peak bloom.
I also love to gather a bunch of friends, pack a picnic and summit something beautiful! Of course celebrating with a bottle of wine is mandatory ;)